Friday, July 10, 2009


These next few weeks remind me of my last trimester. Actually, it's more like those last few weeks, when I would bemoan the fact that " . . . I still have FOUR weeks left." My hubby would kindly remind me that I'd already done 36, but that made little difference. All I could think about was the fact that I had four more weeks to be large, hot, and hungry all of the time. Four more weeks of empty arms that were aching to hold a tiny, sweet smelling, bundle. Those four weeks seemed like an eternity, and it actually felt as though time was slooooooowing down.
I'm starting to have similar feelings as I wait for Dave to come home on leave. We've got about three weeks left, but they might as well be three months. Forget the fact that he's been gone since January and I can't really tell you where those six, almost seven months, have gone. I've got three weeks left, and it seems a lifetime away.
I'm at the point where all I can think about is seeing him for the first time, and I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas.
So impatient.
So excited.
So full of questions and wonder.
Not much longer no matter how I may feel.


geminirn said...

That photo is adorable,I hope the next three weeks fly by for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Amy i so know how you feel mine is coming home in about 4 weeks too!!! woohoooo from one army wife to another... have fun dance dance dance laugh and capture it all with pics.

Anonymous said...

just had to stop by and say ITS GETTING CLOSER!!!!! wooohoooo

Anonymous said...

oh i totally understand the days thing you are so ahead of us of him coming home he was suposed to be home on the 10th but you know that Army its been pushed back a few weeks but thats ok cause now i will have alone time when the kids are in school!!!