Saturday, July 25, 2009

Those First Moments

In less than two weeks, (Yes, the date has been changed) I am going to see my husband again. I've wondered many things about our family reunion, but the one thing I dwell upon is the moment that I lay eyes on him for the first time in seven months. Thinking about that moment reminds me of meeting my husband for the first time, as it was in that moment that I knew there was something amazing about him.

Meeting my husband was a total God thing. Don't believe in God? Call in fate, destiny, or whatever floats your boat. It was meant to happen.

I was a EMS volunteer and Dave was a police officer. Dave was in the ER refereeing two local families, and I was getting ready to pull away in the ambulance. Yes, I was driving. No comments please.

I looked down at the floor, noticed a few dirty towels, and decided to run them inside to the laundry. Why I decided to do that I will never know. We had just started our shift and had 11 hours to go. We would be back, and I could toss them then. Everyone was ready to go to dinner. No one wanted to waste anytime tossing the towels, as you never know when you'll get the time to eat again.

But I wanted to toss those things and so off I went. I decided to walk the back hall as well, which was something I didn't do because it was a longer route. Sounding lazy? Again, no comments please.

Just as I was rounding the corner, there was Dave. It sounds totally corny, but I took one look at him as was floored. My heart went up in my throat, the butterflies started, you name it, I had it. He did too.

I smiled, said "Hello!" and he asked me to meet him for "lunch" later that night. Even to this day he will admit that he can't believe he did that. A little too forward for him.

As luck would have it, we were out on a call at the time I was supposed to meet him for lunch and without even knowing his name, I figured all was lost. I lamented to my roommate how I had lost love, and in an effort to pacify me/stop the whining, he began to do some investigating. Soon we had his name, and I crossed my fingers that we would run in to each other again.

A month later, I still hadn't seen Dave, and I couldn't stop thinking about him. I decided to "go for it" and use my EMS status to my advantage. I called the PD and left a message under the guise that it was related to a call that we had run together. I was worried that he would have no idea who it was from, toss it, and write me off . . . again. To this day he likes to remind me that I stood him up on our first date.

The next day he called me back, we had our first date later that night, we became engaged seven months later, and we were married five months after our engagement.

That moment in the ER changed my life forever and I think about it often. Now I'm waiting for another moment, that instant where I see him walk through the airport gate and my life becomes complete again. Where peace and calm will fill my heart, and I will feel a sense of wholeness that only he can bring. My best friend and the love of my life is returning, and right now, I'm living for that moment.

Scrapbook pages from our engagement and wedding day.


Terri said...

Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

Beautiful! I can't wait to hear about your reunion... of course, I'm sure I don't want to hear ALL the details. :0) hee hee