Saturday, June 13, 2009

Update on Things

So the Army sent an electrician to check things out and he's "fairly" certain that my husband did not get shocked.

This leaves my husband, and the others who saw the incident, wondering "Well then, what happened?"

What caused his back to arch, speech to become incoherent, pulse to start to race, blood pressure to change, etc? He has pain at the location of his holster, the item that came in contact with the metal sink. He was seen by a MD, who ruled out this and that medical condition, finding no other cause for the incident.

So then, what happened?

More importantly, are they certain it won't happen again?

I wish I was there to ask questions and get concrete answers.

I want to see my husband, and the nurse in me wants to examine his test and lab results.

I want to meet the MD who examined him to make sure he's "qualified". Again, it's a RN thing. Crazy, I know.

I feel as though my hands are tied and there is little that I can do.

I'm tired of thinking and worrying about this, and grateful that my parents are here for support.

Thank you for your concern and prayers.

I'll keep you posted as I hear more.

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Pam, mom, honey, said...

my husband got bit by a spider on saturday but thought nothing of it, on wednesday it started bothering him so he called the army dr and they said call back tomorrow. so thursday it looked like a golf ball in his leg and he called and they said he waited too late in the day, call tomorrow, by friday it looked like a soft ball, so he called and they said they could not get him in and to go to urgent care. they really focus on privates here because it is a training post. and since he is not a private he was not seen. we went to urgent care and they cut it open and put a drain in. we went back everyday from fri-tues and they would unpack and re pack it. tuesday they sent him to a surgeon. she instantly said surgery tonight, then another surgery the next day. by tuesday he had a hugs lump in lower abdomen. so he was in the hospital until friday evening and came home with a home health nurse once a day and a whole in his leg and his stomach. the surgeon wanted home health twice a day but tri care said NO. he is so much better now. we have had great nurses everyday and as much as i hate he did not leave for warrant school it has been AWESOME having him home. he is really here and i can not even ask him to do anything. we are praying for your husband