Sunday, June 14, 2009

My parents came for a 36 hour visit this weekend, a whirlwind a fun and much productivity. Here are our accomplishments.
My Mom took all sorts of photos of the baby, who is growing up way too fast. This was snapped as my kids played "Capture", which involves pushing the baby around the house in this clear box. The kids give him toys and his water cup, and he's quite happy.

My mom braided Miss Anna's hair. You can't see the back, but it's there. A girl's first braid is a big deal!

We/My Dad cleaned out our dryer vent, and hopefully fixed the problem that I've been having; my clothes take forever to dry. Another job on my "try-to-find-a-man-to-do-this-job" list done. CHECK!

We went to the VBS grand finale performance. My husband recognized the older two, but wanted to know who the other little boy was.
My kids got Air Heads from their PaPa and had fun watching their tongues change colors.

David got a new bike. It's much easier for him to do his fancy tricks now.
We went to the pool for 15 minutes before the rain started.
And one of the best moments this weekend? Purchasing the Grill Daddy! My kids have this thing for As Seen on TV commercials, and they think that we need almost everything that they offer. My son convinced my Dad that we needed one of these, and off they went merrily to Walgreens. Truth be known, this is quite a groovy little tool that works very well. It wouldn't surprise me if my Dad bought one of these himself.
And that's it.
36 hours summed up in photos.
Hope your weekend's been as blessed as ours'!

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