Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Thoughts . . . Again

I'm house sitting and the cats have pooped all over their house. See my twitters in the sidebar. Gag. What would you do? If I let them outside, they come and poop in my flower beds so I'd rather it be his mess than mine. Nothing like going to plant and coming across a present like that. Thank goodness the owner is coming home tomorrow.

Anyone who is military will understand as soon as they read this. We are wading through the layers to get to the right person who can get my husband the medical care that he needs. For whatever reason, his blood pressure has remained high since last week. He needs to be seen out of country for a more thorough evaluation. Please pray that things move quickly and he's seen soon. As a nurse, this sort of thing really makes me nervous.

If taken to Germany, I was hoping to go and see him. The kicker? The baby doesn't have a passport, and I can't leave him with as much as he is nursing. The lesson? If you are a spouse with someone deployed and you have a young baby, think about getting a passport for them before your SO leaves.

I'm now co-sleeping with the baby. He gets up sometime in the middle of the night and I bring him in bed with me. I know he should not be nursing any longer during the night, but he is and I'm just not ready to do "sleep training". When Dave gets home in July, he can help me. Until then, I'm all about getting sleep however I need too. If that means he sleeps next to me and snacks once or twice during the night, then so be it. I'm tired of being tired.

The only bummer?

When Dave comes home for R&R. I don't think there is enough room in our bed for the three of us, and babies aren't the most understanding when it comes to sharing. "Come on James. Just for two weeks and then Daddy will be gone again for months." Ummm . . . don't think so.

The lazy days of summer are just that. Laaaaazzzzzyyyyyy. I'm afraid my kids would spend the whole day watching TV and playing video games if I let them. Trying to get them motivated to do anything else is becoming a challenge as well. I'd love to hear how others monitor and regulate electronics during the summer.

Want to make a difference today? For $25.00 you can send a care package valued at $75 to your troops through the USO. At a minimum, the care packages include a personalized message of support from the donor, an AT&T prepaid international phone card, snacks, playing cards, reading material, camo kits containing shampoo, conditioner, hand sanitizer, tooth paste, tooth brush, sunscreen and other requested and needed items.

There are 170,000 men and women who are serving our country as I type, and every one of them deserves something like this.

Blogger won't upload a great photo I want to share. Oh well. Maybe later.

How is the summer treating you? How do you plan to spend your days? I'd love to know. I could use some good ideas.

Grace and Peace to You,



Amy said...
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Amy said...

Travisa.com expedites passports. My dad has used them several times. It would be hard to get one same-day because there isn't a processing center near your home, but for $199 you can get next day service. I doubt that counts shipping time, but I don't know. We plan to drive to Houston to have them do one for Martina next day. I just feel funny about mailing her original certificate of citizenship away.

What are we doing this summer? Well, we've been to the zoo twice. Today we did it w/ four kids. Definitely easier if you can bring a buddy with you! I'm doing some part-time work too.

Sorry I removed the other post--I left out a few words and had to correct it.

Pam, mom, honey, said...

can you go to atlanta or some where and get a passport in a couple of days. you may want to call military one source and ask them for help. i love the care packages. i have another suggestion. a church in our town started sending gift cards because they were not paying for shipping plus the soldiers could get or order what they wanted.

Christy said...

Call and find out how long it'll take to get his passport expedited, I've heard they are processing VERY quickly right now, all on their own, so it may not be that long. IF you are coming to Germany let me know and I'll drive over and meet you, if you have a moment to meet! :) Praying he doesn't NEED to come here to Germany though.

Christy said...

Oh I forgot...keep on cosleeping and letting him nurse, those who claim that babies don't need it, well last I checked it wasn't their tummies. There are many nights Emma still wakes up to nurse and right into my bed she comes. I can not and will not let my baby cry themselves to sleep thinking I don't care enough to comfort them, we know how quickly this time goes by and in a blink of an eye their 5 yrs old and we're wondering where our little baby went and what we'd give to cuddle in our bed with them!

Not sure what size of a bed you have, but we have a queen size and when Chad was home for R&R in Feb. we fit fine...and one night Jack had a nightmare and climbed in with us! LOL (He had to lay at the foot of the bed, it was crowded, but cozy!