Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reflecting on Today

I think the top puzzlement today centered around my relationship with my yard man. I'm fairly certain we have broken up. Why? I let my son cut our grass in between mowings. My man came today and mowed my neighbor's yard but not mine. This has happened on two occasions now and despite our talks, he has yet to return to me.

I think I'm going to put my Wii Fit on Craigslist. It just looks at me everyday, begging to be used. I think I can make that happen . . . someplace else.

Booked my son's birthday party. Now I just need to finish the invites that he has already started, and is begging me to finish. I need to find adult reinforcements for this event. Any takers?

Watched my kids turn that mottled gray color after swimming in our 70 degree neighborhood pool. I never thought they would get in, but hey! Twenty minutes of solid swimming, which always makes for better sleep.

Tried to explain to Hubby, once again, why it wasn't the best time to talk. Poor guy. He calls from Iraq, we try three to four times to get a good connection, and by the time we do, my house has spun into total chaos. He always calls around 3:30, and I don't know what it is about that time, but it seems like everyone is needing something - a snack, new activity, first aid, etc.

Do you think sending the kids to three VBS sessions this summer is too much?

My son came racing home today, on my neighbor's bike. Why? "I told her I needed to use it so I could get home fast and poop in my own house!" Classy. That should make for interesting conversation at the bus stop tomorrow.

Dinner tonight was prepared by my daughter's preschool teacher. Once again, I am reminded of the fact that I need to be more considerate, thoughtful, and giving towards others. There is one family that has brought me dinner every week for almost five months now. Are you impressed? I am. I'm also gaining weight because she is the best cook ever. Dave says he doesn't want me to tell her when he comes home. Ummm . . . Honey? What about my fixins!?!?!

Today was my daughter's last day of preschool. I am worried about time drrraaaaggggiiinnngg by this summer. The school routine has made these six months of deployment pass "quickly".

The baby has had nasal drainage for weeks now. I wonder when I should take him in . . . to the MD that is.

I need a good book to read. Ideas?

I feel off the wagon today and ate this yummy, orange scone from Panera.

I need to do arm exercises to stop the jiggling.

Avoiding orange scones from Panera, in addition to these exercises, would help with the arm jiggling as well.

Does anyone ever finish ALL the laundry in their house?

Why do I still have ants after my main bug man Kenny came on Monday?

I can't wait to get the carpet out of my downstairs bathroom. Boys + carpet in any bathroom = just plain foul. The man measured yesterday and I can't wait to get that smelly stuff out of here.

I need to start playing the piano that I just had tuned.

I need to work on the banking.

I need to patch the hole in the wall that is getting bigger everyday.

I think I need to





Mommy Missionary said...

Hey I was just reading the posts on MckMama's site about your sleep deprivation. No I would have been one in the past to suggest simple little things that most people would know to try and be like What's your problem, Just stick with it. Until I had my 5th baby 2 years ago. She just started sleeping all night. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. I tried worked. Letting her cry, letting her sleep with us, letting her eat. It was torture - I mean we love her but come on! And now that your hubby is deployed that makes it worse. I was a very strict babywise Mom with our first two but some kids I think just aren't good sleepers. I don't know that there is a magic formula and I don't think you did anything wrong by letting him get in a funky pattern. Just wanted you to know that I'm sorry and hope you get things worked out soon. Btw, now that she is finally sleeping good my husband thinks it is a good time to move her into a bed - he is crazy! We're keeping the status quo for a while! I enjoyed reading your blog - hope you get a nap today!

Amy said...

Laundry is the only thing that really changed when we had our 3rd boy! It consumed me! I now have it conquered though...I do 1 load each night now matter how small, put it in the dryer when I go to bed, and fold it in 5 minutes the next morning before getting up the boys for school. I fold it to our train table that we are not using right now and put it away 1 or 2 days a week when it starts to pile up. That is how I have conquered the laundry for the time being...plus I make the older 2 put up their own socks and underwear. Loved the comment about going to poop!

Christina said...

Thanks for commentng on my blog. Yeah, I will do some reading...I will mesh several "ideas" and theories together to find the best fit for our children and our life. Am I supposed to reply back to you on your Blog or comment back from my blog? How does this work?