Monday, May 18, 2009

Brotherly Love

I'll admit I had reservations when I found out that we were expecting James. We had moved from diapers, sippie-cups, nap times, etc. to a new sense of "freedom". Life had gotten easier and the kids were on auto pilot in most situations.

Then we found out that we were regressing, and there were mixed feelings about returning to life with a diaper bag, midnight feedings, and nap schedules.

However, whenever I see our baby with his siblings there is no doubt in my mind that he came at the perfect time. They love him, truly adore him. They are a tremendous help and really make the married, but a single parent, thing much easier. I was prepared for the excitement to wear off after a few days, but after eight months, they still love to get their hands on him.
Here are a few of my favorites from this weekend.


Anonymous said...

How cute!!! Brothers are great! my boys are 11 months apart and are the best of friends. I enjoyed readying your blog do you mind if i add you to my list to follow?

Anonymous said...

ooohhh ok sorry mine is in kirkuik how about yours?

Christy said...

Oh girl, be still my heart on that last one!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and the comment you wrote on mine...who knows with the Army maybe one day! :)