Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just a few random thoughts from yesterday:

1. I need to hire someone to mow my lawn. At this pace, it will be time to mow the front again once I'm finally done with the back.

2. I need to teach my son how to wash his face. He is getting pimples. Yes, ZITS! Eeeee gads. Where do I start with that?

3. I've got to start shaving again on a regular basis.

4. Why does my house always look like a bomb went off?

5. What have I done to deserve this absolute adoration from my baby? No matter what I look like, smell like, sound like, etc., he always has a smile for me. Babies, and kids for that matter, are truly amazing.

6. Chewing on groceries carts has really got to stop. Yes, I've got a cart cover, but I've forgotten it the past two times we've been out. That may explain the runny nose this morning.

7. What am I doing to do if something has truly happened to the boys? How do I explain to my husband that I let the kids go to a friend's house without at least having his phone number? How long do you let your kids go "missing" before you call 911?

8. I pray that there is a special place in Heaven for our Supper Santa. She has brought us dinner almost every week since Dave has been gone. Isn't it amazing how it's always those that you don't know or least expect anything from that bless the socks off of you?

9. I am going to stop weighing myself every day, and allow myself to love myself no matter what the numbers say. I will loose weight. I will not be this size forever.

10. I really miss my husband.

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