Thursday, March 26, 2009

I can do just about anything if I'm well rested. Take that away, and I'm pretty much useless. I become easily overwhelmed, and not a very nice person, especially when it comes to dealing with the children. My patience is short and my frustration level soars at the drop of a hat.

So after two nights of little sleep, I'm toast. A friend kept the baby today so I could rest, and I got a wonderful, 4 hour "nap". Still, I could fall asleep again if given the chance. Two nights with maybe 2 hours of sleep, and I'm starting to wonder what end is up.

This would be much easier if I knew a reprieve was coming, if I knew that Dave was coming home for dinner. After a rough day, I used to tell myself "You just have to make it until dinnertime". 5:00 would be etched in my brain, and the countdown would begin.

Would you please pray that the baby will settle and rest tonight? It sounds like a silly request, but I'm not sure how to do all of "this" without rest. I'm starting to feel desperate and almost scared. Overwhelmed would be the word.

Going to put on a movie and hope the kids will want to watch it!

Thanks so much!


Rach said...

When I first had to juggle 3 kids on little sleep with the new baby, I used DVD's to probably an inappropriate amount, but hey, it got me through and the kids. If you need a break and your kids will sit down and watch the television for a good couple of hours, more power to ya and don't ever feel guilty for it...cause when you're well rested, you can limit the t.v. days.

Kate said...

I am sending baby James some good sleepy vibes. Sleep makes such a big difference. You are an amazing woman and a wonderful mother. Do what you need to do to get by now.