Sunday, March 15, 2009

I never gave a thought as to what it must be like to watch your kids grow up through letters.

Dave asked today, in response to a recent letter filled with art work, "When did he start coloring in the lines?"

I'll be honest. I never gave this "change" much thought, but when it's all you get to see of your children, it's got to be different. You notice everything, and take the time to really savor it all, even something as small as coloring in the lines.

I need to slow down and notice these things. I need to stop wishing the time away and record these moments so that when he does come home, I can tell him about these "small", but still so important, moments. When it comes to 2009, I'm going to be all that he has when it comes to remembering the kids.

Please God. Help me to remember, and cherish, these milestones, even if it's something as small as coloring in the lines.

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