Sunday, November 09, 2008

So we are starting to prepare for goodbye and possibly no hello.

"If you won the lottery would you want the money all at once or over a period of three years?"

How much would you say your husband's life is worth?

We are updating dogtags to make certain that they reflect our religious beliefs.

"Everything you need to know if I don't come back is in here."

"Just go to your parents and then make decisions from there".

Isn't it time for the holidays? Fa la la la?

Somehow I find it hard to get into the spirit.


geminirn said...

Oh Amy my heart is aching for you at this moment,I really can't think of the proper words to type so i will just send you BIG,BIG HUGS from Canada.

Amy said...

I will think about you and pray for you as much as I can over the next year.

Chinamama4 said...

Sending you hugs from our family, too.
Thank you for sharing all of this, Amy. We NEED to be reminded of the sacrifices being made by so many families. "Thank you" just doesn't seem, well, grateful enough...

Christy said...

Amy oh Amy, hon I know and I hate it. We're about to hit month 6 since Chad deployed and I think this will not even MARK the half way point, it sucks to be honest. But, we're getting through it none the less and I know without a doubt you will too. I AM praying for you guys though. If you need anything, just email me.