Sunday, November 16, 2008

Last night I was watching my husband and my boys together, sorting cub scout popcorn and preparing for their deliveries. There was an organized chaos to it all as they laughed, made jokes, and hurried along, anxious to get back for our movie night. As I watched the three of them together, I was struck by an overwhelming love for Dave not only as my husband, but as a father. His love, kindness, and patience with our children is impressive and such a blessing. Just when I think "I'm done" he steps in and steps up. He provides the perfect balance in our marriage as my partner and the father of our children. I wonder what our home is going to be like without this, and honestly, it truly scares me at times.

During his last deployment, it was myself and the older boys. They were young and still at the age where as long as I was there, all was right with the world. Now they have reached an age where they not only adore their Dad, but they want to spend time with him and do "man things". I wonder how I can do these "man things" and take the sting out of this seperation.

What I am thankful for, however, is that I do love my husband and that I am going to miss him. I love Dave. Truly and completely love him. I am going to miss him, and some people can't say that when their spouses are away from home. I hear stories of people who are thankful to have an empty house, a bed to themselves, time to do whatever with whomever, etc. Soldiers come home from deployment to an empty home, a spouse who has been unfaithful, someone who has decided that they would rather be divorced than married, etc. There are soldiers who want to be deployed as a means to escape the home situation. I can't imagine, and I'm thankful for that.

I am thankful today that I want my husband home with us. I am going to miss him, and I won't feel that our family is complete until he returns. I'm so happy that I feel this way. Today, missing him is a blessing.

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Rach said...

You're bringin' tears to my eyes...