Monday, October 06, 2008

The picnic was . . . ummmm . . . tiring, at least for the baby. I walked laps around the parking lot until he fell asleep - still not sure why going to sleep is so painful - and then ate as quickly as possible. As ungrateful as this may sound, there is a part of me that misses the ease of life before baby. I was just a tad envious of the people who were chewing their food, enjoying what they were eating and having actual conversations with others. Anyways, it was a chance to get outside and return to civilization, at least for an hour. It's amazing how life can "pass you by" when you are in the midst of the newborn stage. All day is spent preparing to embark on some sort of minor errand, something that would have taken you five minutes to complete prior to baby.

Speaking of embarking on a journey, we have a new Kroger that has just opened, and I'm going to go. I have to add that it's the largest Kroger on the East Coast, thus the reason that I'm so pumped to go. It's also 3 minutes from my house and I'm just desperate to get out and do something besides nurse and change diapers. There is a Starbucks inside that is calling my name (I'm quickly forgetting about cutting out the caffeine), and all sorts of grand opening snacks and freebies (And I wonder why I can't fit into any of my prebaby clothes!!). I figure if I leave now, I've got 5 hours to pick up the 5 things that I need, run back for the one thing that I will forget, and complete Expedition Kroger.

Once again, wish me luck! Off we go!


Christy said...

Hi Amy! Just wanted to say hi and congratulations on the birth of your little guy!

I have to say it must be nice to have the variety of grocery shopping places! I could go off post to the German grocery stores, but with the euro rate so high, we just can not afford we stick with the commissary and the occasional farmer's market!

God Bless

geminirn said...

YAY!!!!!!Glad to hear you at least got some fresh air and was able to choke down some food.Hope you enjoy your next adventure!!!