Saturday, June 21, 2008


I'm amazed at how dependent I've become on our computer. Not only do I use it to keep in touch with family and friends, it's a resource I turn to constantly for recipes, the weather forecast, purchases, where I can get the best deal on this or that, making reservations, turning in my work schedule, etc. So when we started to have problems with Mr. Dell XPS a few months ago, my husband and I both began to face the inevitable; it was becoming that time. Time to back up, upload all photos to Shutterfly, figure out what we could afford in terms of a new computer, and be thankful for every happy day that we had left together.

I never thought that the end would come so soon. Last week Mr, Dell XPS gave up before we had the chance to say good-bye. In other words, we are somewhat screwed. Before the monitor went black and started making a noise like a car turn signal, our drivers "disappeared". Gone. Poof. Not really sure what was the turning point, but Mr. Dell made it before we could catch up with him. Dead. Nothing left. No signs of life.

I've been at my mom's this week, which has given me a week of being back in touch with the Internet world. I'm leaving today and hope to be back soon. Wish us luck and that maybe, for once, money will grow on trees so we can afford to resolve this soon!


Anonymous said...

At your mom's? Did your dad pass away or are they splitsville? Maybe you just don't like your dad very much?

Val said...

I HATE when that happens--and it has. Backup, backup, backup. I love's worth the $$!

geminirn said...

Hey if you find that money tree could you send some seeds my!!!!Hope you are able to get back on line soon.