Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bubby!

My baby.

Growing up so fast.
My middle child had a birthday last week, and his gift from us was this new bike. I look at him and constantly wonder "Where has the time gone?" I look at old photos and panic somewhat, realizing how far he has come and how quickly he is turning into a big/bigger boy. You rejoice in their milestones yet miss the treasures that come with having a baby, toddler, etc. Jack is such a joy, and on his birthdays I give thanks for being blessed with the privilege of parenting such an amazing little man. Happy Birthday, Bubby!


Nannie and Papa said...

Wow if you didn't have his name under the pictures now I would think he was David. What a cute guy! Happy to you Jack. Love Nannie and Papa

ccw said...

Happy Birthday!!