Friday, April 11, 2008

Mary Mary Quite Contrary . . .

How will my garden grow?

I came from a weekend with extended family to find that my husband had built the raised bed that I had mentioned wanting a few months ago. Surprise! One of the many reasons that I love my husband! He listens and makes notes . . . .

My plans were/are to grow some fruits and veggies, and hopefully save on our expanding grocery bill. My issue is that I have no idea where to start with things, and I'd love some help from those of you who have grown all sorts of yummy treats.

My bed is 5x10, and I'm thinking about cukes, peppers, tomatoes, and maybe some strawberries and cantaloupe. What I'd like to know is what type of seeds you use, and any secrets to success. I'm amazed at the variety out there when it comes to just a simple cucumber! Somewhat overwhelming for a beginner!

Please share . . . I'd love your help!

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Val said...

My tried & true advice: Marry someone who enjoys this kind of puttering. The kind who takes it upon himself to turn the soil, add mulch, plant, and then proceeds to pull the weeds (also himself) when it appears that no one else in the family happens to share his love for gardening. The kind who enjoys telling the slacker-family how if this were the Depression, we would find out how important these Mad Skillz are.

Um, yeah, the I kinda am missing that part of the Menno DNA. I love Spring and planting, and then it just all kind of goes downhill from there. The extent of my glorious garden is the stuff that raises itself: watermelon (chokes out weeds), tomatoes, peppers. That's it. Sorry! Seed advice: Watermelon, get the seedless kind, tomatoes, should be red, peppers, the green sweet ones. :o) :o)

I also like the local produce stands...let someone else have sweat trickling down their thighs, and the grasshoppers trying to jump into their drawers, I always say.