Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The "Choice" Truck

This is what came driving through our local Walmart, Target, etc. shopping area this morning. While I sat there in the parking lot, trying to enjoy ten minutes with my new magazine, one of these trucks drove back and forth four times, after which time I had to leave. There have been very few times that I've actually thanked God that my children were not in the car with me, and this morning was one of those moments.

While some may not believe in the right to choose, I would at least like the choice when it comes to talking about certain issues with my children. I can't help but to think that the money spent on these photos, trucks, fuel, etc. would be better off helping women and families before they are faced with such a decision.

Just when you think you've seen it all . . .


Rach said...

Very well put!

Amy said...

What really has me bothered is that I took a peek at their board of directors, and the Southern regional head is here in town. I'm sure he knew where the trucks were driving, and it really makes me angry that he allowed such crap in a place that is filled with shopping moms, a school at the end of the road, etc. Not that there is ever a good place for something like this, but come on! Be somewhat sensitive to the demographics of where you parade such images.
If my kids had seen that, it would have majorly freaked them out.

ccw said...

I have already explained abortion to Kid L but even at 12 I know this would upset her.

I have always thought that there has to be other avenues, more effective ones, than these trucks or picketing outside of a clinic.

When I drove by the Planned Parenthood recently I was shocked by how many signs they have out. I hate the fact the majority of girls/women going into the clinic are going for birth control yet they must be harassed. I really hate that the girls/women who are going for an abortion, no easy decision to be reached, must have more piled on to them by strangers who are not willing to support her and her baby for as many years as needed.