Wednesday, March 05, 2008

All's Well

After holding my breath during the initial placement, you can only imagine my sense of relief when this little bum appeared on the US screen and began to jiggle. Little legs, feet, and toes, all kicking around happily, completely oblivious to the emotions that its Mom and Dad had been going through.
For the first time, I'm truly excited, and feel like I can began to plan and prepare for another family member. Prior to yesterday, I was concerned not only about the bleeding, but all the medications that I can taken to prevent the flu, the New Years wine, etc. I wasn't sure what would appear on the screen - three arms, one leg, etc. So bleeding aside, this scan put many fears to rest. It's not a guarantee, but a great reassurance. Needless to say, I slept great last night!


Rach said...


ccw said...

Glad this helped. I had bleeding with middle child and I was terrified until I had my scan. It is such a relief.

Beautiful baby, by the way!

Cabell and Penny said...

I am so happy that all's well! Such great news!
Thanks for your messages. I am very excited about the wedding/marriage. 1 month from today!
Take care!