Monday, February 11, 2008

Photos of a Warmer Time

I'm already getting the itch to go back to Orlando. Why, I don't really know. It cost a pretty penny, it was crowded, and it was the coldest week since 1980. Still, there was something really fun about having a free agenda; no lessons to run too, no running for the 7:05 AM school bus, no preschool drop-off at 9:00, etc. There was little to no house cleaning, grocery shopping, or meal preparation. The only thing we had to do was have fun. Who doesn't love a break from reality?

This was a great visit. A must-see when you are in Orlando.

Feeding the 90 year old tortise a $5.00 piece of carrott.

Vacation also means endless amounts of ice cream, no matter how cold it is outside!

My husband's favorite photo. Someone dropped a pacifier in the shark tank, and he thought this was the perfect photo op.

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