Thursday, January 24, 2008

Most people expect you to have at least one child. Have none, and people begin to ponder "I wonder what is wrong with so and so?" It's expected that reproduction will begin after being married for a year or two. Number one is a huge deal. Cards. Flowers. Balloons. Even baby gifts.

Number two is almost a given. The congratulations and fanfare are not as grand, but it's still a big deal, only on a much smaller scale.

Number three and you deserve some sort of medal. You and your husband are outnumbered. You are no longer an even playing team, and the visitors definitely have the advantage.

Number four, and you are branded either insane (Who in their right mind would choose to do this!?!?), or ignorant (Doesn't she know what causes that!?!?). Over the past week I've heard the following warm fuzzies:

- "Uhhhh ohhhh . . . You do have three children, right?" This has got to be my favorite, spoken by my friendly, grocery check-out lady as she scanned my pregnancy test.

- "Is this a good thing?" Does it really matter?

- "Was this planned?" Again, at this point, does it really matter?

- "Did you mean to plan for September when it's going to be super hot?" Once again, I ask, does it really matter?

- "You are a better person than me!"

- "wow". Nothing else. Just a small "wow".

What's one of your favorite baby-to-be comments? I'd love to know. I could use a laugh!


Rach said...

I was sooooo tired of the "you're gonna have your hands full" I felt like telling them, "you should see the other 8 at home!!!"

Amy said...

Another favorite is "Wow. I don't know how you do it." Geez. Do we really look that bad!?!

Val said...

Having just gotten back from Disney-with-five-kids, I can tell you I'm just really tired of "are they ALL yours???" Annoying Cracker Barrel Waitress Of Ten Thousand Questions almost got a bosom-full of corn muffins. grrr.

If you're trailing the pack with the slowest member, you can watch people stare at the entourage. It's nice not to be a mindreader.

Christy said...

I never got it personally, but friends who have more than 2 and definately more than 3 have gotten the "you don't know how that happens" or "You do know how to prevent that" if having another child is a burden. @@@ Ugh! Ignore the ignorant ones and celebrate with the enlightened ones!! I'm thrilled for you guys!