Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The best laid plans . . . .

Yesterday I was planning on:
- All three kids returning to school. Finally!
- My long awaited eye appointment. Time to finally consider Lasik due to insurance covering the surgery. Yea!
- A warm, creamy, whole milk chai tea latte.
- A "relaxing" trip through the grocery store. Time to restock after being gone on and off for two weeks.
- Sort through the mail that came while we were gone. Maybe even sit down and read a magazine.
- Pick up the kids and enjoy them that little extra that comes after having a morning of rejuvenation and relaxation.

What I got instead:
- Two sick kids.
- A positive flu test and reassurance that this is the B strain so " . . . don't feel guilty for not vaccinating him this year. It would not have helped anyways".
- The "award" from my MD that we are one of the first in the area to have the flu. "You must have brought it home from Florida because no one has reported the flu in this area. Congratulations! Not quite the title you want for your five year old though, right?". Right.
- The realization that more than likely we will all get this nasty bug . . . again. With my husband out of town . . . again. Same thing only a year later.
- Vomit and more vomit from my oldest. The meds you take, and try to keep down to prevent the flu, reek havoc on your GI system.
- A phone call from hubby saying that they are running behind, and most likely, he will not be home Thursday night, the date that has been a ray of light amidst everything. The date I've been holding on to. Not to get sick before. I beg him to ask the Colonel for mercy on my behalf, and get things on schedule again.
- A laugh.
- Another laugh.
- Major nausea.
- Panic. Moms can't barf. Time to search for what we used last year when we went through this same thing.
- A Phenergan suppository in my rear. Lovely.
- A burnin' butt. Avoid rectal phenergan at all costs. Burns like fire.
- A note to myself. "Call MD in the morning for oral Phenergan for everyone".
- Time to snuggle with my kids. It's one of the only times that they will hold still!
- The opportunity to watch TMNT on On Demand for the fifth or sixth time.
- Thankfulness that I have the opportunity to be home with my children when they are sick.
- Gratefulness that I have children to care for.

Hopefully today I will get:
- A nap.


Carpenters said...

I'm sorry that everyone is so sick. I'm hope you all get well soon.

With Love,

Nannie and Papa said...

Thanks goodness too for the meds we have to help. In the old days you just had to keep the bucket handy and washclothes and frozen juice in the freezer. As you noted it is nice when your big kids let you hold and cuddle them while they watch a movie or read. No energy for arguments. A sort of quiet peace.
Hope you are all well soon.
Gatorade folks must be cranking up production.
Love from Nannie and Papa

mama's madness said...

I am so sorry to hear about your reintry into reality after the world of the mouse. We were right there with you after our last'll laugh, but this year we had the antibacterial stuff in our pockets and "washed" our hands after each ride....esp. necessary with a 2 yo thumb-sucker (who at 1yo threw up 12 of the 15 hours on the car ride home!)
Will be praying for you! C

Kristy -Mom to 4 and soon to be more! said...

Hi Amy!
Thanks for your comment!
We are way up near Dulles International Airport.

ccw said...

Sounds bad at your house. I hope everyone is starting to feel better.

Nice way to end the list of complaints. It's always good to remember that parenting through the yucky is better than not wanting to parent and not having the ability.

I hope you get your nap! At my house me being sick means I still do most things. If husband is sick it means he sleeps all flippin' day.