Thursday, January 10, 2008

Five for Fifty

"We are the first generation that can really do something about the kind of "stupid" poverty that sees children dying of hunger in a world of plenty or mothers dying for a lack of a 20-cent drug that we take for granted. We have the science, we have the resources, what we don't seem to have is the will. This is an opportunity to what America stands for.

Never before has this great country been so scrutinized, and never has the "idea" of America been under such attack. Brand USA could use some polishing, and I say that as a huge fan . . . Eighteen million AIDS orphans by the end of the decade in Africa alone. What will they think of us, and from where will order be introduced into their chaotic lives? Whispering extremists attract recruits when hope is broken down. Surely, in nervous, dangerous times, it is smarter for America to makes friends now of potential enemies than defend itself against them later".
- Bono in an article from the Boston Globe

Check out Five for Fifty. You can make a difference.

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