Thursday, November 01, 2007

Things We Won't Do Next Year

My husband let the kids design their own pumpkin faces this year. Being boys, of course, they wanted a lot of "poky, scary teeth" and "crazy looking" eyes, none of which are fast to carve. After 30 minutes or so, one was done and it was already past their bedtime. We put them to bed and continued for another hour or so. Next year, we are either starting earlier or limiting the amount of "transformer" things we/my husband will carve.

Reality is setting in for my hubby. This is not going to be three triangles and a mouth!

My oldest, working hard on his creation.

Anna, waiting patiently for her turn. She was actually scared of the stringy pumpkin seeds at first. The boys just thought they were the coolest guts in the world.

One down, two to go!

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Nannie said...

Good job Dave. There must be a clever tool for this carving somewhere. Looks like lots of fun to me.