Monday, October 01, 2007

One of My Favorite Times of the Year!

It came the other day, the pamphlet from Operation Christmas Child. The national collection week starts in six weeks, giving everyone plenty of time to make their shoe boxes. Not only am I excited, but I can't believe it's already this time of year! Where has the time gone!?!?

This is an amazing program. Over 7 million shoe boxes are delivered around the world every year. These boxes contain basic items that you and I have in bulk around our homes: pencils, pens, crayons, etc. I add a few things from Walmart, and the box is good to go! It's an easy project that can help a child tremendously.

I plan to get my kids more involved every year. We usually have whining and disappointment when they realize that they are not going to keep the Matchbox car, super-high bouncing ball, etc. that I have purchased for the box. Things are getting better, though, as my kids learn about the destination of the boxes and the children that receive them.

Not a church goer? There are drop-off locations all around the US, and the world for that matter, so this truly is an easy project to complete. Now is a great time to start as school supplies and other goodies are at a reasonable cost before the holiday price hike.

So have fun and enjoy knowing that someone at the other end of the world will be smiling with you this Christmas !


Chinamama4 said...

Amy, I love doing this project! But you're right - I can't believe it's that time of year again! (I will not panic...I will not panic...)
E-mail me and I'll send you those recipes (chinamama4 at netzero dot net)!

Amy said...

I know! This is such a great project! You should take a peek at their report and see where these boxes ago. Truly amazing. Honestly, they go to countries that I have never heard of. Embarassing but true!

Christy said...

We're stationed in Germany and our home church in the states does this every year. This past spring our women's bible study decided to do a version of Operation Christmas Child, for an Orphanage in Poland (American Missionaries run it). We filled I think it was close to 300 shoe boxes full of toys, school supplies, etc. In a couple weeks we'll add candy to the wrapped but not sealed boxes and the first week of November we'll be taking them up to the orphanage! Every year our bible study does something for the orphanage and doing a version of OCC is imo one of the best things we can do!

God Bless