Thursday, October 04, 2007

Another favorite has arrived

Another one of my favorite things arrived in the mail yesterday, my Harvest of Hope catalog from Partners International.

We all have "those people" that we need to send a gift to, but they are hard to shop for because they already have everything, you don't them that well, etc. Rather than take a shot in the dark, I've started to send gifts that I know will make a difference. They will also make a difference for us when it's tax time as all of the gifts are tax deductible.

Last year I sent money in some one's "honor to purchase a pig, milk for a family, medicine for an African village, etc. For a few people that have children, I sent gift certificates so they could browse the catalog with their children, pick out gifts, and hopefully have a few minutes of bliss away from the Christmas consumer madness.

Are there any places similar to this where you like to shop for Christmas? I'd love to know!

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