Friday, January 05, 2007

My baby sister sent me a great read for Christmas. The title is tacky and may raise a few eyebrows at the playground, but Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Measures is a great read.

The story follow three adults who decide to join the UN; one is a physician, and the other two are peacemakers. They visit places that we hear about but give little thought to; Haiti, Kosovo, Liberia, Rwanda, etc. The doctor is assigned the task of searching for mass graves in Rwanda and that alone is reason enough to read the book. Half of what I read I had no clue about, and for me it's embarrassing to be unaware of such heinous crimes.

There are parts of the book that I could do without. One of the workers goes a little overboard with her sexual experiences, but it's nothing graphic or something you haven't seen on TV, read in another book, etc. What it did was make me scratch my head. I didn't think that a UN peacemaker would tromp of into the bush to have sex with an African male prostitute while she was high as a kite. Oh well. Maybe that is part of her definition of making peace.

If you are like me, you are always looking for a good read and suggestions from others are welcome. You can buy this used from Amazon for seven dollars or so. Check it out. Good stuff.

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