Friday, January 05, 2007

How Long Will He Last?

Two months ago, I bought the kids a pet rat. I know. It sounds gross but we had them for pets as kids and they were great. Easy to care for, pretty smart, and really nice. They are also very prone to getting respiratory illnesses which our new pet most have come home with. I returned him two days later and the kids have not stopped asking when the rat is coming home from the vet's.

So, today I caved. We went to PetSmart thinking we would buy Hermit Crabs, but when the lady said "They may pinch" my kids freaked. I grew up with parakeets so I talked to the kids about getting this beauty.

Poor thing. The kids have surrounded him with pictures of themselves so he will " . . . remember us and get to like us faster". David has been playing songs for him which I am sure is adding to the trauma. I think I'm going to cover him up and give him a moment of peace.

My hubby is on his way home. This is going to be good.


mama's madness said...

I still say hermit crabs are the way to go. One of ours died while we were at disney so Laurel used her Christmas $$ and bought a new one for $4.50. We've all been pinched once...but you learn real quick how to hold them and they learn real quick that if they pinch they end up being flung across the room with a loud yelp. Rarely do they ever pinch!

Jessica said...

Good luck with the bird!

trisha said...

The bird looks like a beauty and it is so cute that the kids put their pictures around the cage! What was your husband's reaction?