Saturday, December 23, 2006

What a Blessing

We have arrived at my parent's home for Christmas. We have just as much fun getting ready for Christmas as we do th actual day. It's so great to be with family! I only wish my youngest sister was here! We love you Betsy, and we can't wait for you to come home!
This was taken today after the kids got a few gifts. Anna received a Little Mermaid make-up kit, and Dave was quite a patient patron. He received a new 'do and some pretty lip stick. Where do little girls learn this sort of thing!?!?

When I look at Anna, I still have times where I'm amazed at the journey that brought her home. Out of the millions of little girls in China, she was chosen to be our daughter. What is sad, is that with China's new changes, so many are going to miss out on this wonder.


Rach said...

I think Dave is missing some pink blush. Anna is just beautiful!

Merry Christmas!

Trisha said...

May you enjoy a wonderful, peaceful Christmas and a blessed, happy new year!

Jessica said...

Great pictures! She's such a beautiful girl!

Claudia said...

Very very cute! We have two things in common -- adopting and the name we chose for our blogs!