Saturday, December 30, 2006

No Where to Go But Down . . .

The holidays are over. I've been looking through pictures, wanting to savor the memories. I'm working on a photo book through Shutterfly, and I love looking back over the past year as I put it all together.

What I'm starting to notice, however, is what I feel. My face is starting to "fill out". Things are looking a little snug. Snacking on the Halloween candy has caught up with me. Those new Hershey Pot of Gold beauties are here for an extended stay. The Christmas coffee cake, peppermint ice cream, sugar cookies, gingerbread, etc., are the current residents as well. Damn.

My pants are starting to squeeze just a little to tight. I'm changing into my PJ bottoms a little earlier each night so I can relax/breathe. My underwear are starting to feel like a second skin. Damn.

I know this means I must confront my foe . . . exercise. I'm never been someone who loves to work out. I don't get that high that produces a state of well-being and happiness. I truly hate it. I just wish I had thought about that before I indulged again and again and again . . .

On that note, I'm going to indulge one last time. My Mom has peppermint ice cream that she is begging me to eat. "There is just too much for your Dad and I to finish. Please. Just have a little bowl." I have no will power. I can't resist!

We are leaving tomorrow. This will be it. My last hooray before I return to the reality of the treadmill and a "reduced fat" diet.

I am going to celebrate my soon to happen weight loss with a bowl of ice cream right now.


Sharon said...

Happy New Year!
And I share your resolution...gain some willpower, needed especially in the weight dept. ;)
But it's the holidays. I'd indulge in that ice cream, too.

Have you ever tried the Edy's Slow-Churned? It does NOT taste low fat at all, and it is SO GOOD! I ate it frequently while doing Weight Watchers.

Jessica said...

I also share in your resolution! I need to lose a couple pounds! I never lost my baby weight from Joey!

Chinamama4 said...

I'm right there with you, my friend! I'm feeling the squeeze myself, and I, too, hate exercise! But don't be too hard on yourself - I have read all sorts of blogs that say the same thing - time to buckle down! We'll do it together, OK?

Val said...

R(literally)OTFL. I share your plight. Have a bowl for me.

I still haven't lost my baby weight from Sophie and Ava.

:D :D :D