Wednesday, October 04, 2006


My friend, Val, posted
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  • on her blog and I had to do the same. As a Christian, this sort of thing makes me sick. Not only is it an attack on the Amish, the people of PN., etc., but it's a slap in the face for Christianity. They call themselves a church yet their website is "godhatesfags". I have never heard my pastor preach about God hating anyone nor does he use such cruel slang.

    I'm sure this is what they want. They are getting their message out, especially on the internet. What a perfect way to quickly spread a message. Someone is bound to read this and feel a connection. Sad but it's the state of our world today, true?

    I pray that these Amish will be able to bury their children in peace. If not, I know what they will do. Turn the other cheek and walk away. Now that is true religion.


    Val said...

    Hey, I just posted an update. The roaches scurried after the bare lightbulb shown on their nasty business. They still hate, but this is one funeral they won't be crashing (hopefully).

    Michelle said...

    Yes, those people make me sick. They are the one's who were picketing the soldier's funerals. I don't live far from them, and they came here to protest at the highschool! I feel bad for them that they are so lost in their ways that they can't see the ignorance that they speak. They will one day face the Lord, and will have to pay for the pain they have put upon those who are already suffering.

    Trisha said...

    Disgusting. I am speechless.