Monday, October 02, 2006

The Pull

I'm a Registered Nurse and I love my job . . . most of the time.

I've done a little of this and that, but maternity nursing is my first love, namely labor and delivery. I have not worked since 9/04 when we got the news of our move to Michigan. I miss my job . . . most of the time.

Now that we are here and settled, I've decided to see what's out there. Just take a peek. Keep my options open. Bring in a little extra money for vacations and the holidays. Replenish our savings.

I think I have found "the perfect job" in labor and delivery. One shift a week minimum, and Dave would be home with the kids. It sounds great . . . most of the time.

So what about those other times? When we are reading books, playing trains, throwing a baseball, etc., I think "I am so glad I am not missing this!" I worry about what I'm going to be missing. I worry about this making life busier than we all ready are. BUT, this is something I really enjoy. It's my one evening to get out, stretch my mind, meet other people, and be a part of the miracle of birth. Yes, I know that they will be with their Daddy, it's really not a big deal, I need to keep up my skills, etc., but there is such a pull.

I think all mothers strive to find the "perfect" balance. Do you? I'd love to know!


Rach said...

Oh Amy...I hear ya! It was a big struggle to go back into the office 2 days a week. But you know, I've found its important to remember I'm an adult at times and have values in the adult world too. It is a very hard pull! I think you have to remember that when you go out and do something that's important to you and you're making a difference outside of the home, you're setting a great example for your children. They'll know that life isn't just about making others happy, but yourself as well.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I think like you said, you'll have to find your own perfect balance. For everyone it would be different! Some need to be away from their kids for a "break" more than others. If you are passionate about something and are able to better yourself in that area while still being able to be mom and things are taken care of at home, then go for it!

Amy said...

Yes, I know what you mean! I really would like to go back to work--but only part-time. I can't imagine being away from my daughter all day. Now that she's here, I have been so picky about what type of job I would take, that I just can't find anything that suits me. I'll be teaching an online course beginning in November, but unless I can find at least 4 per year to teach, the money barely makes a dent. I'm mainly doing this to keep my vita current.

I think it would be such fun to be involved in labor and delivery!!

Amy said...

Thanks everyone! What I really worry about is how hard it can be to make it all work out. Trying to arrange for childcare while Dave is gone is my biggest headache. It's been great to have that problem out of the picture for the past two years.
I do feel refeshed, most of the time, after a night of work. It tends to give me a much needed break and let me give back to the community.
We'll see! I have my last interview MOnday!