Saturday, August 05, 2006

Where Did You Go, Jack!?!?

While staying with my parents this summer, the boys and I have been sleeping in the same room. David and I each take a twin, and Jack slumbers in the toddler bed. They go down before I do, and I cover them up each night before I slide into bed.

You can only imagine my surprise when I went to cover up the boys the other night and found an empty bed. "Hmm . . . I bet he's sleeping in my bed." No such luck. So I started my search and began to get somewhat panicked. Was this the night that he decided to sneak outside to catch fireflies? Did he decide to go for an adventure that took him who knows where? Closets - empty. Other beds - the same. I returned to our room, sat down on my bed, and wondered if it was time to wake up my parents and put them on "high alert". "I lost Jack, Mom and Dad. Can you please help me find him?" Maybe "I have misplaced a little something . . . or "Just call 911 and I'll explain later" would be better.

Then I heard a little noise. No way. He could not be under the bed. His larger than average head size could never make it under the bed rails. But look at what I found. Not only sleeping, but stretched out and relaxed, his "car shop" right next to him. I had to snap a picture before I removed him out from his happy place.

All I could think about was what if I had gone to bed without knowing where he was sleeping? I would have had a heart attack from the noises under my bed throughout the night. It would have been the big, bad burglar that I've always been scared of.

What strange places have you found your sleeping beauties? I'd love to know!


Kristi said...

Scary moments. I've found mine in the hall, in their chairs and of course, at the dinner table. But always in full view so I didn't have to freak out. Sweet picture.

Michelle said...

That had to have been a scary feeling. I'm glad you found him, and that is so funny. My mom's friend found her kid sleeping in the toybox when she was little. Kids...

Trisha said...

Thank you for sharing your ups and downs with us and for stopping by my blog. The picturs and stories on your blog make me smile, feel and think. Great job!!