Monday, August 28, 2006

Our Gatlinburg Adventure!

Wow! We had a great weekend! Even the kids begged to stay for another night. "Pleeeeaaasse! Just one more night!!" We stayed at the Jellystone Park in Gatlinburg, and I highly recommend it, especially those who are new to camping. They have everything from "primitive" tent sites to fully equipped cabins with A/C and HBO. The face of camping is really changing. Our neighbor spent most of the morning straightening her hair and putting on makeup! I can't talk though. We slept on a pillowtop air mattress!

I camped often while growing up, and these are some of my favorite memories. I so want my kids to grow up with memories that include things besides TV, computer games, Toys R Us in our house, etc. Camping provides constant "healthy" entertainment so to speak. Whether they were playing in the stream, playing hide and seek in the trees, or playing on the playground, there was always something to do. The campground had great things scheduled for the kids as well; arts and crafts, a scavenger hunt, a hay ride at dusk, etc. I would encourage every family to give it a try. For us it was a trip of a lifetime!

If you have been camping, I'd love to know where. I'm looking for family friendly places!

"Ok . . . now how does this work!?!?" Dave takes a minute to ponder things while the kids run around with the tent polls. "But Mom! They're our Lightsabers! "
The princess takes a snooze while we finish setting up camp.
"Look at me float, Mom!" Without an ounce of fat on his body, David has a hard time floating. His floating is a slow sink to the bottom of the pool. Wish I had tht problem!
I loved this pool ! They had a baby pool that was seperated from the rest of the pool with only a wall. So often the baby pool is seperate, and we have to divide and conquer. We were able to sit together and watch the kids play.

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