Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jack Started School Today

It's such a small world.

When we got word that we were moving to TN my sister put me in touch with her mentor teacher. She was a great help answering all of the usual "we are new to the area and have no clue" questions. My final question was a long shot, but I hoped that with her teaching background she would be able to recommend a good preschool for Jack. Boy! Did we ever get a surprise!
Mrs Melinda left the public system to work part time at a preschool following the birth of her daughter. This is the preschool where Jack is now attending, and she is his teacher! What a small world! She mentored my sister, and now she is mentoring my son!

Jack woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast, and was ready to leave for school in all of five minutes. He marched out the door with his lunch box and back pack. The only disappointment was "I can't ride the bus like David . . . " I made a McD's coffee run since we were out the door so early! Wow! I never knew my son could move so fast!

It's strange to now have two children in school. What do I do with only one child for most of the day? What do I do with five hours of "free" time? I can't believe I used to leave my oldest at home while I went grocery shopping, lamenting to hubby "It's so hard to take him to the store!" Now I'm in heaven with just one! Piece of cake! So here is Jack on his first day.
"Please smile Jack".
"I can't Mom. I'm working!"
Sorry Carolyn. I tried to get a nice picture!
We picked up Jack and Anna was so happy. She is rather lost with both boys gone. It is eerily quiet! Jack got home, stripped, and put on his Woody costume to vacuum. It's hard to believe that he wore this in 2004 and it was too big!


Joannah said...

Amy, thanks for reading my blog. Your boys and Anna are so cute! What a good boy Jack is to vacuum for you!He's going to make a good husband one day. ;-)

Michelle said...

Oh, how cute!

Trisha said...

I love that look on Anna's face. So cute! Just wondering if you had any success with the carpets?