Thursday, August 24, 2006

More aquarium pics

Blooger is acting up again. Here are more photos from our trip to the aquarium. Gatlinburg is nice. Lots of cheesy things to do, but kids love it.

We had a great time and are going back to camp this weekend! My kids are so excited!

When I was younger, we camped all the time. We lived in California and the majority of my family lived in Michigan. We used to camp across country, and some of my favorite memories are during these family times. As our kids get older, we are trying to come up with family outings/traditions that will leave the kids with similar memories.

Have you given any thought to making memories as a family? What sort of things are you doing together? I'm always looking for new and fun things to try!

" Take a picture of me too, Daddy!"

There was a great play area for the kids to climb around on things.

There was also a really neat pirate exhibit. This was a way to "display" pirates once they had been captured and executed. This served as a warning to other pirates. Jack just loved to climb up and play in it.

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