Friday, July 07, 2006

Where Are You Amy!?!

The Floam Volcano - Anything to keep them happy!
Why is it that when you are at someone else's home your children seem to be louder, argue more, make a bigger mess, and overall are just harder to enjoy? For the past month we've been staying with my parents, and it's been a constant stress to keep them happy, quiet, clean, polite, and well behaved. So if you have been wondering "Where are you Amy!?!?" you can be certain I'm working on one of the areas mentioned above.

Dave is making a decision about a house today. That should answer the other question. No, we do not have a home yet thus the reason we are still at my parents. Today is the day. Whether it's a trailer, tent, or tarp in the park, I want a place to call our own today. I'm tired, drained, and ready to get going. While my parents have been a huge help, I am still doing three kids on my own during the week, and it's a lot of work. Tack on the fact that we are not in our own home, plus a dash of PMS, and you can only imagine my mood lately!

The next question to be answered. Our home in Michigan. It is still ours'. There are showings this week and next, and I'm praying for good news. We are desperate for this to sell!

I am trying to find something positive in all of this. You could say we have learned exactly what not to do when it's time for our next move! We've gotten to swim at an amazing pool with great food, go to a great church, and spend time with family. Still, there is no substitute for being together as one. Dave/Daddy is four hours away, and nothing is better (most days :) ) than being together!

So please be patient with me. I have not forgotten that I need to return calls and make visits. From the moment their eyeballs open until they close, I'm watching these kids like a hawk, and trying to keep them "contained", which seems harder than ever when you are not in your own home. What is funny is that I thought we would being visiting "home" this summer. What I've learned is that my home is somewhere in Knoxville, waiting for us to come and fill it with fun, chaos, laughter, and tears. It's a home which I hope to call my own today!

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Sharon said...

Awww, sorry you're under so much stress! Prayers you find a home of your own today, as well as sell your house. (or whatever you need for it!)

And I agree- kids always seem more "energetic" at someone else's house. Do you ever get the look from a person where you know they're thinking we must've sugared them up before bringing them over?