Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth!

What a great day! We had a chance to visit a farm that belongs to great friends of the family. They have 230 acres of beautiful, rolling farmland in the mountains of Virginia. They have a great little "farmhouse" (I've never known one to have five bedrooms) where we had a great BBQ picnic. The best part, however, was a spring-fed lake where my men fished for 4 hours.

We then came home and enjoyed an evening of fireworks. I thought I could satisfy my boys with sparklers only at 8:00, but no such luck. They stayed up until 9:30, eyelids half-mast, to watch the amazing show from my parents' home. They are up on a hill that overlooks the Roanoke Valley, and the view is amazing. More enjoyable then watching the fireworks is just watching the kids. They get so excited it's fun to just watch them screaming and clapping.

Can you tell I'm hoping for an early bedtime? Sparklers before it's dark with PJs on! One can always dream!

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