Friday, June 30, 2006

What A Difference . . .

between boys and girls! I know there are those who think we "program" our children, but from the time they were little, my kids have be drawn to "gender appropriate" toys. I will never forget when David was just a year old, and we drove by some construction equipment. He growled, clapped, and pointed with delight. I was floored. He was so young, and I had done nothing to spark what quickly became an obsession with construction equipment. I could go on and on with examples, but my boys are truly "all boy". My boys picked these out as a souvenir after a visit to Dixie Caverns. They then spent the afternoon hunting the evil witch from "Nerdia". Anna picked out a nice, soft, stuffed kitty.

Now I have this little girl who is drawn to all sorts of girly things. We had VBS this week, and she jumped at the chance to have her face painted. There is no way my boys would have wanted to have their face painted at this age. That would have ment sitting still for a few minutes, and then being careful (we still have trouble with this concept)not to smear their painting while it was wet.

Anna wanted not just one "pretty" but three. She was so proud and showed them off to everyone. The only things my boys show off are their burps and other body sounds.

Anna would wave her arm back and forth, and turn her cheeks from side to side. She wanted to make sure we had a great view of her "pretties". . David did manage to hold still long enough to get a mean looking alligator on his arm, and than he ran off to jump in the moonbounce. He took great delight in smearing the wet gator everywhere.


Carolyn said...

I love all of these pictures! Jack looks so serious, as does Anna about her face painting. Can't wait to see the boys fighting with their swords. It's time for a visit from Aunt CoCo.

Val said...

Isn't that so funny how they're wired?? After two girls, along came Wyatt who played with them. I had to laugh so hard when I saw him playing Barbie with them---but he was DRIVING his like a car with all the appropriate sounds. :o) He was about 2 yrs. old, I think.

Annie said...

That's so cute! I wish that we were in town for VBS so I could be with your kids! :0)
They're adorable.