Thursday, June 29, 2006

What Are Your Thoughts?

What are your thoughts on this? As a RN, I am all for vaccinations, which I know have helped more than hurt our children as a whole. What I do wonder, however, is whether or not this movement is something we should think about. I saw this on another mom's blog, and I am starting to wonder if we need to consider reformulating our vaccines. There are more than a few out there who feel that there is a link between autism, learning issues, etc., and the mercury in vaccines. Any thoughts or experiences with this issue? Take a peek at the link below for more information and a better picture of this ad. I know I should make the link look "nice" in my text, but I'm just too tired!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I think it is VERY important that parents know what ingredients are in vaccines and know the real truth of possible side effects. Parents need to know their rights and that vaccinations are NOT mandatory. Most states have religious, medical, and/or philosophical exemptions.

If you are even the slightest bit unsure about it, you could always delay vaccinations until your child is a little older and their immune system can possibly handle it better. I can speak out of experience since two of my sons had vaccine reactions on more than one occasion, and we think that is what caused my son's epilepsy. They were both always in the dr's office, sick all the time. Our youngest son is not vaccinated and is our healthiest BY FAR! Whether you choose to vaccinate or not, be armed with all the facts!

Amy said...

Thanks girl. This is the info that I'm wanting to get up on. I'm also hearing about moms who have gotten Rhogam while pregies. Any thoughts on this?

Sharon said...

I am so with you on this one.
We have opten to "delay" vaccinating our son, he is 2. I put that in quotes because we may NOT vaccinate him. He is so darn healthy and smart. I compare him to my nephew about the same who IS vaccinated, and my nephew is more sick. Yes, there are environmental differences. But I happen to beleive that many of the ingredients in these vaccines are doing more harm to good, especially to babies that are around ten pounds! It makes no sense that all other prescriptions are adjusted to a person's weight, but not vaccines?
I could go on forever (in case you couldn't tell! lol)
Nice blog. You have a beautiful family.

Sarah said... This site lists the names of vaccines and the levels of thimerosal (mercury derivitive) in each. Brandon has heard a lot about thimerosal. If he shows concern then I know to worry. I think I'll print this list and bring it to the MD in August.

Amy said...

I know. You have to wonder when they are telling you to avoid certain fish r/t mercury. How can vaccines be so different? Really makes you wonder if things need to change!

Sharon said...

What's even more scary (imo) is that people seem to mostly worry about the mercury ONLY. If you look into the other ingredients, they can be just as bad. For instance, the new HPV vaccine contains the same active ingredient used in Borax- used to kill cockroaches. It is listed as a poison. Other vaccines contain forms of formedalhyde, the active ingredient in anti-freeze. Anit-freeze! If we DARED gave any of that to our babies, family services would never let us see them again. Yet it's ok for a doctor to inject them with it, simply because they have "dr" next to their name?