Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Our First Few Days in Virginia

I had a "great" idea to put Jack in a music class. I'm desperate for things to keep the kids busy, out of the house, and out of my parents hair. Unfortunately, the class was rather slow so Jack made his own fun. When it came time for him to pet the stuffed fish, Jack decided he was a shark and bit the fish instead. I don't think we will be going back.
The boys got to see their cousin today. This is their first visit since Christmas. As you can see, poor Charlie is a little overwhelmed. Look at that lip!
Jack loves to hold Charlie! I wonder how long until he drags him out of his crib and down the stairs . . . .
Anna loves the camera and has learned to say "Cheeeeeezzz". My other sister, Aunt CoCo, came in for a visit as well. I'm so thankful we are going to be closer to our family. My kids love their aunts!
What a difference six months makes. At Christmas, Anna would not let me hold Charlie without crying and begging for me to hold her. Now she takes toys to him to play with and likes to pat his head.


Annie said...

How cute! It was great seeing you all the other day!

Rach said...

Cute pictures of you and your sisters! Jack...too funny! Anna, what a sweetheart!