Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Last time I saw my nephew he was four weeks old and doing very little besides nursing and sleeping. Now he's a bundle of laughs, smiles, and so much fun! I was so happy to finally get my hands on him!

What is really amazing is that my little sister has a baby! I still have moments where I look at the two of us managing our "crews" and I'm amazed. When did we get so "big"!?!?! We've gone from hanging out at the mall to partying at Chuck E Cheese. Talk of boys and make-up has been replaced with diaper discussions and the best way to start feeding solids. We go to bed and wake up at hours we never considered sane just a few years ago. My purse has been replaced with a diaper bag stuffed with the essentials, treats, and toys (bribes are more like it). I never thought these changes could be so satisfying. Being a parent really changes everything, but in such a perfect way!

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