Friday, May 12, 2006

Singin' In The Rain!

Yesterday was one of those days where I retreated to fertilizing the yard in the rain for some peace and quiet. I'm not quite sure when I hit my breaking point. Maybe it was my hubby announcing that his military training would take him away not only for Saturday and Sunday, but he'd be spending the night in the field as well. "I'll be leaving Friday around 6:00 AM and get back late Sunday". Wow. That extra special touch for Mother's Day and my son's birthday. I think I could handle a weekend alone with the kids better if it wasn't raining and in the 40's with no signs of improvement for seven days! SEVEN! I guess that's another reason why we have McDonald's Indoor Playlands and Chuck E Cheese. Then my son came home with this jewel.

This was a gift from a friend. "I love wearing chains Mommy!" When I explained that Johnathan would be missing such a treasure and that it should be returned he belted out "Are you freakin' nuts!?!? This was a present and we don't give those back!" Freakin' nuts? Wow. Now I had another thing to worry about besides the chain.

When did this happen?!?! When did my baby go from "You're the smartest Mommy in the world!" to " Are you freakin' nuts?" There is so much to explain at this age and sometimes it's hard and downright embarassing. "Do you think that guy was born that fat?" as the poor man is standing right next to us. "That is the biggest and wierdest hair I've seen in my whole life" as we walk by a group of African American males who did, indeed, have quiet the "big hair" that day. "How was my weenie made?" I tried to explain this one and he now thinks babies, and weenies for that matter, are made like the movie Robots. Oh well. I tried. I am sure my parents are reading this and laughing, thinking "sweet revenge". I had moments like this growing up, and I'm sure my hubby would say I still do! Just part of growing up I guess! Have you had moments like these with your kids?
My hubby just called to say that he has my Visa with him, out of town, because he forgot to put it back yesterday. Cold, raining, a freakin' nuts mother, and no Visa. We are not off to a good start!

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Val said...

>I tried to explain this one and he now thinks babies, and weenies for that matter, are made like the movie Robots.<

Haaaaaaaaaa...Happy Mothers Day. :o) Remember: "making the babies is the best part." Then you have to keep doing upgrades on them. Sometimes they get their "freakin-nuts boy" and his bling. :o) Too funny. Especially since it's not my kid.

Hugs to you this Mothers Day...