Monday, May 08, 2006

Pure Religion

My friend made me aware of this beautiful little girl who was brought to the US with the assistance of Love Without Boundaries. She was born with a congenital condition that has kept her from going to school as well as reaching her dream of having a Mommy and Daddy. Please take a minute to watch the Today Show video segment which talks about her amazing spirit, her surgery, and how she is doing today. If you would like more information on working with LWB, there is a link under "Our Favorite Places". I cannot say enough about the good that they are doing for the children who are waiting for families.

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Peace & Peace said...

Your blog have really moved me..The photos have hypnotised me.I felt my eyes were a bit moist!
Please visit my blog to know about the massage.The children would be happier indeed
Warmest Regards