Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A peek at our day!

"Thank you Aunt Sarah and Uncle Brandon for my ant farm!" What a fake smile. He was more interested in opening the box and starting to play with "my new pets".
Jack, enjoying a snack in his parachute hat that he made at preschool. He asked me "If I jump off the deck will it help me fly?"
The kids started to scream from their beds the other night, and it was really pretty to see what had gotten them all excited. This photo does not do justice as to how close the balloon was. Our neighbor was talking to them they had gotten so low. They flew over the house and landed not too far away.

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Recovering Wino said...

Um..hate to say this, but I hate ants. I would freak if someone sent that to my son. What if it breaks or falls over? Ants all over the house..Yuck. Maybe you love little bugs more than I:)