Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I've had many people ask me "How did your boys adjust to an adopted sibling?" Our adjustment has been better than we could have ever imagined. My boys love, protect, and have so much fun with their sister. They've made some funny comments, my favorite being "Look Mommy! She is turning our color!" after seeing the pink on the soles of Anna's feet. Another occurred while Anna was screaming and my oldest asked "Are you sure you got the best baby from China?" These are great teaching opportunites about adoption, why skin color does not make a family, how there is one (not rows and rows to choose from like David thought) perfect child for your family, etc. I know having an adopted sibling will bring up issues down the road, but for right now things are wonderful. I pray the same for your family!

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Val said...

Isn't it great how the kids just blend into siblinghood? Soon after we came home, Wyatt had tears and told me, "I don't want to have to give her back." I thought we'd explained it thoroughly...but apparently not. She and Wyatt are just thick too. They do everything together. So sweet to watch.