Wednesday, April 26, 2006

David did my hair! Don't I look great?
I need to send out a word of encouragement to all of those who are waiting for their referrals, trudging through the paperwork, etc. For those who are not aware, China has really slowed down the adoption process. Our paperwork went to China and we waited six months for Anna's referral information. People are now waiting up to one year. So many of you are sad, frustrated, and wondering "Is this ever going to end!?!" Even though our wait was a short six months, I had these thoughts as well and I want you to know, there is a child at the end of this tunnel! It's hard to remember that when the focus is on paperwork, counting down days on your calendar, etc. The wait is long but it's worth every minute. The moment we held Anna I knew that she was the perfect child for our family, and I was so thankful things had not happened differently. So keep you chin up, march on, and dream of the day that you hug your beautiful daughter. I am so excited for you!

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