Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hangzhou Families - I hope you enjoy these!
Last winter a group from MN visited the SWI to help with medical care. I have been in touch with the group and they have blessed me with photos of the SWI and Grace.
On the final day of the mission trip, the children presented members of the team with gifts.
This little girl has albinism. She would sign to her best friend who was deaf.
Two members of the medical team "face off"!
The SWI gathers for a final "thank you" to the team. Your babies are in there!
A nurse entertaining.
A little one gets ready to be seen by the medical team.
Foster mothers bring their babies in for check ups.
A Nanny takes a group of babies outside. Grace is in the red sweater.


Rach said...

Hey Amy...awesome pictures. Love the video below with Anna and the boys, your home is definitely never boring!!!

Val said...

Great pics! Love to see her with her friends. Great video too! Anna is such a sweetie. Tell Dave a trampoline is better for them than an XBox. :o)