Monday, April 10, 2006

Finally we are starting to see signs of spring. I love my bulbs! So do the rabbits, deer, etc.
THIS IS IT!!!!! We are officially on the market! Please pray that our home sells quickly. On average Kalamazoo homes sit on the market for 4-6 months, and that's too long! I really want to get resettled before David starts school in the fall.


Ryan and Heather said...

good luck, I'll say a prayer your house sells fast. I know how hard that can be, our house was on the market for way too long before it sold!

Val said...

Good luck on the house...I just read on the LCC board that you need to bury a statue of St. Francis in your front yard. It's said it'll sell in a week. :o)

rotfl at your boys...they're doing what I forbade mine to do. Kate said, "But it's 70* and we're going to be in China when it gets hot here." Riiiiight. Nice try.