Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Every day is a learning experience when you are being Mom+Dad.

Last night was no exception.

The boys had their rocket launch and I worked my best to get those things ready and then reready (is that even a word?).

Everything looked good until the fuse had been lit.

Yes, they went up, but they came back down very quickly.

Too quickly.

Embarrassingly quickly.

"Ohhhh . . . . someone must have bought an "A"."

Well, of course I did. It said on the box that it would take an "A" engine so that is what I bought. Little did I know that we should have gotten a "C", but I learned that at the moment my boys' rockets went up, and then raced back to the Earth, all too quickly.

"See, Mom. I told you that Daddy would know how to do it better".

Boys. I tried. I really did. Hopefully when you get older, you'll look back at this time and realize I did just about everything, including juggling while standing on my head, to make things run as smoothly as possible without your father.

There are just somethings I don't know, and I'm learning as we go along.

What I am learning is how do use the shutter on my camera to get better action shots. These are the rockets as they launch about 30 feet off of the ground.

Pretty cool, huh?
I loved these shots. A little man and his daddy are walking hand in hand, searching for their rocket together. It was such a perfect night at a beautiful location.

This is totally random, but it's my little guy loving on his Daddy Doll. Gosh how we miss him!


Amy said...

I'm sure I will be right there making rockets in several fun!

Randy Sartin said...

You tried, that's what counts. What's important is the time you spend with them, that's what REALLY counts! Very nice job on the launch shots!

Christy said...

You followed directions and did what you knew to do and hey it's hard being Mom AND Dad!!!