Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So we are battling the flu at our house.
I think anyone out there will tell you that being alone and dealing with sickness is one of the toughest challenges you can come up against.
You need this or that, but don't want to take the kids out.
No one wants to watch your kids while you get this or that because they don't want to be exposed to what is brewing in your home.
One needs to go to the MD but what to do with the others during the visit.
You'd rather leave them at home so you don't expose them to what is floating around the MD office.
But you can't because of the fact that no one wants to come to your house . . . .
I'm run down, and would love to say "Honey, I'm going to head to bed early. Can you wrap it up?"
Instead I say "Babies, I'm run down. Let's head to bed early and once this is over, we'll go to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate".
My reward system/bribing comes out in full force when I'm desperate, especially for sleep.
Here's to a better day and thinking of better times.
I'd give anything to have this man in my home right now.
On that note, we are looking at "only" sixteen more weeks and then, God willing, homecoming.

Teaching James that Daddy is an OK guy.


Amy said...

you have a tough job! I will say a prayer for you today...get well so you all can enjoy chuck e cheese! amy

Rach said...

Oh man girl...so sorry! Hang in there!

Christy said...

Oh Amy praying for you hon. Praying this nastiness leaves your home and quickly. You know I've btdt, and wish you weren't right now. Wishing I was closer, because I'd come and sit with your other kiddo's while you ran to the md.

Praying for you that a friend steps up and helps her friend in need.